Powder Coating

Our refurbishment procedure for your alloy wheels is the best that you can possibly do. There are 3 types of finishes for wheels: Painted, Powder Coated and/or Diamond Cut

1, First off your wheels will be acid stripped and steam cleaned this removes all the old coatings

2, Part of the preparation is to Sand blast or vapour blast depending on the condition of the wheel, also at this stage we remove any kerb damage

3, Next off is to air line clean to remove any dust or foreign objects

4, We then mask up the rear mating area of the wheel where it mounts to the hub of the car this is very important

5, Your alloy wheels are then placed in a oven & preheated to 200c to prepare them for powder coating

6, The wheels are removed from the oven to apply a high build powder coat primer

7, The entire wheel is powder coated in primer and replaced back in the oven to cure

8, You then have a choice of what colour you would like? e.g.: a colour change or to put back to factory finish, this can be done by two ways wet paint or another coat of powder depending on your requirements. The alloy wheels then have another cure in the oven

9, Finally we remove the alloys again from the oven and apply a powder coat acrylic crystal clear lacquer this is the best lacquer that you can possible get and protects the wheel with a glass like appearance other options are matt or satin lacquer depending on the overall look you desire

10, If your wheels are diamond cut this extra process is done on our state of the art cnc lathe after the painting stage but before applying lacquer, the procedure involves removing a skim of aluminium metal from the face of the wheel to give you that bright polished aluminium look as you see on most modern factory wheels of today.

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