Sand Blasting

Sandblasting refers to the process of propelling fine pieces of material onto a surface at an extremely high velocity. It can be used for a number of different purposes, including cleaning and etching. Generally, the material is treated by using an air-powered pressure gun.

Although the name might suggest otherwise, it is rare for actual sand to be used in the process nowadays, due to the potential health and safety risks. Instead, powdery abrasive materials and fine pieces of silicon are more commonly used for sandblasting. These fine materials are highly effective for cleaning and etching, and are safer than the sandy alternative.
Essentially, by directing the sandblaster over a material, that material can be cleaned of dirt and rust, or can be etched to create a striking visual effect. An air compressor provides the fuel for sandblasters, allowing the abrasive materials to reach the high speeds that are necessary for the process to be effective. The higher that pressure, the more intense the process will be; it is important to be aware of the pressure levels, however, as overly harsh sandblasting can cause damage to a number of materials. Leominster Powdercoat have over 12 years experience so you know you’re in good hands.

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